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Apartment Developments

CANA's involvement 

Click on the pictures below to go to the corresponding Steering Committee Report! For ongoing projects (those in teal), a report will not be available, but a link for the city page on the project will be embedded for up-to-date updates.

120-128 Orchard Street & 1313-1314 Randall Street

Steering Committee Process: 8/2022 - Ongoing

The City of Madison is proposing to redevelop the State Street Campus Parking Garage at 415 North Lake Street. The existing parking garage along North Lake Street will be demolished and replaced while the garage section to the east of Hawthorne Court will remain to be used as an entrance to the intercity bus terminal planned at ground level. Some mixed-use space is planned for the first floor. Atop the six above-ground stories of the City's parking garage, Mortenson proposes nine floors of student apartments, including levels of rent affordability for some number of apartments. A below-grade level will provide about 95 parking spaces for the apartments. 

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120-128 Orchard Street & 1313-1314 Randall Street

Steering Committee Process: 8/2022 - 10/2022

The redevelopment of 120-128 Orchard St and 1313-1314 Randall Ct. includes the removal of 5 existing buildings, and the construction of a proposed 8-story apartment building with 52 units and underground parking.

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700-740 Regent Street

Steering Committee Process: 1/2022 - 3/2022 

Approved for Construction

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Oliv Madison

State & Gorham Street

Steering Committee Process: 6/2021 - 10/2021

Approved for Construction

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Alchemy Apartments

619-21 N Lake Street

Steering Committee Process: 10/2020 -11/2020

Approved for Construction

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668 State Street Project

668 State Street

Steering Committee Process: 9/2022 - Ongoing

The property owner, 668 State LLC, is seeking approvals to construct a four-story addition atop the existing two-story commercial building at 668 State Street. The proposed addition will contain 24 student-oriented apartments on floors 3-6 with floors 5 and 6 set back approximately 30' from the front façade. The existing commercial space on the two lower floors and in a finished basement will largely remain.

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800 Regent Street 

802-826 Regent & Park Street

Steering Committee Process: 2/2022 - 8/2022

Approved for Construction

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The Verve

504-524 W Johnson Street, 308-312 Bassett Street, & 505-527 Conklin Place

Steering Committee Process: 10/2021 - 1/2022 

Approved for Construction

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Hub II

126 Langdon Street

Steering Committee Process: 12/2020 - 3/2021

Not approved for construction

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