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Meet Our Team

Your CANA Board is passionate about making our neighborhood a welcoming and thriving place for all!

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Tanner Mechura 

Hello! I am a senior planning to do marketing after graduation and have been on the CANA executive board since Fall 2022. 


As a side note, I am a casual cyclist so you may see me cruising around, especially in the State-Langdon area! 


Also, I am a strong housing development supporter who likes to drive city and campus officials to test more affordability solutions in our neighborhood without delaying housing production. Furthermore, I am passionate about furthering a strong connection of students with our surrounding community—with emphasis on local government and developments affecting our downtown neighborhood—to improve our livelihood. In essence, I hope to continue guiding CANA as President with our new board through another great period of exciting growth, change, and development in our neighborhood! 


On Wisconsin!


Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Representative

Diana Dai

My name is Jiarun (Diana) Dai, a junior majoring in Information Science, Computer Science, and Economics. I am honored to be a part of the CANA Board for 2023-2024. As an international student, I have a strong sense of community and am passionately dedicated to bolstering the connection of students with our surrounding area, placing a special emphasis on local government and developments affecting our downtown neighborhood.


I eagerly anticipate contributing to a year of exciting growth, change, and development in our neighborhood. Commitment to the safety, charm, and progressive growth of our neighborhood stands at the forefront of my mission on the CANA, ensuring that campus area neighborhood and the surrounding area continue to thrive as a secure, prosperous, and harmonious community for all its residents.


ASM Representative

Amelia Dyer (she/her)



I am currently a freshman interested in political science, sociology, Spanish, and public policy. I also serve on the Housing and Dining and Student Title IX Advisory Committees where I hope to grow my passion for advocacy.  


Prior to being involved with CANA, I served on the RCC Sexual Violence Resource Center Gamechangers Youth Advisory Board as a student facilitator. This group was dedicated to empowering youth activism and education on rape culture and other intersecting oppressions that affect survivors of sexual violence. I was heavily involved with leading workshops on consent and rape culture, advocating for inclusive practices for supporting survivors in schools, and raising awareness on various social justice issues. This past year, I led and organized a celebration rally for RCC's 50th Anniversary that focused on the history and future of the anti-sexual violence movement. 


As a native Madisonian, I am very excited to be more involved with advocating for affordable housing and working with the community. I am passionate about cultivating change and a firm believer that change starts at the local level. Through CANA, I hope to mobilize, educate, and empower students and community members to be more engaged with advocacy and government. 


Vice President

Jason Rivera (he/him)

I am interested in VP of CANA because I believe in CANA and want to be a part of making sure it is successful. As the current JCAC representative, I understand the structure of CANA and have been able to learn about the kind of impact CANA can have. As the former Deputy Director of WI for a national nonprofit, I believe I also bring experience that can help CANA grow and develop. In my previous role I was responsible for large campaigns and also creating programs from scratch. I hope to bring this experience as the CANA VP and will work to make sure I assist the President in growing CANA to new heights.


ASM Representative & Digital Communication Coordinator

Tyler Kochman

My name is Tyler Kochman and I will be serving on the board as the student representative appointed by the Associated Students of Madison as part of their shared governance partnership with CANA.  I am a second-year law student studying at the University of Wisconsin Law School. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University, for which I double-majored in Political Science and Urban & Regional Planning. I also have a Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Eastern Michigan University.


In addition to serving on CANA, I am a board member of both the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transit Board and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Transportation Committee. My serving simultaneously on these boards and CANA this year will hopefully bring increased synergy and coordination between efforts to address the transit concerns of the Campus Area Neighborhood and efforts to address the transit concerns of the campus itself.


            Principal concerns I hope to focus on in CANA are housing and transportation matters. I also intend to focus on helping businesses in the neighborhood thrive and continue to serve the community. As the ASM student representative, I recognize that I have an imperative obligation to advocate for the concerns of students. While matters such as student housing are very near to the heart of all the members of CANA’s board, I have an even greater obligation than others on the board do to prioritize such matters.


The Campus Area Neighborhood is home to portions of State Street, which is one of Madison’s most important assets. State Street wears many hats: a major employment center, a hub for retail commerce, the home of a significant restaurant and bar scene, a center of nightlife, a pedestrian traffic conduit, a tourist attraction, and the home of many residents. I recognize that very careful balance needs to be met with State Street. An effort must be made to preserve the aesthetic charm and vibrancy of the street, while also allowing for economic investment and development.


I look forward to engaging with all of you this year!

Resurgence Team (Summer 2020) 

The following people aided in the re-formation of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association, which was last active in 2008 as the "Campus Neighborhood Association"

Amol Goyal,
Matthew Mitnick,
Julian Nazareth,
Cole Roecker,
Elias Tsarovsky,
Jacob Broehm,
Joshua Mitchell,
Lennox Owino,
Marah Williams,
Reilly Coon, 
Michelle Nguyen,
Adrian Lampron.
District 8 Alder, Max Prestigiacomo
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