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Here you’ll find stories about how CANA's efforts are helping to improve our communities. The attention these articles draw is one of the best resources we have for recruiting new advocates to our cause. Take a look at our featured pieces below and let us know what you think about our efforts.

(This is not an exhaustive list of all the articles we have been featured in, just a way to you get started on the type of work we do that makes it to the local news!)

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March 29, 2023

News Director Lexi Spevacek and Talk Director Fiona Hatch sit down with members of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association to talk about affordable housing here in Madison.

This interview has been edited for length.

Originally aired 2/26/23

June 20, 2023 • 

Robin SchwartzkopfSarah LeonhardtAlly Geiger


If you want to be a development detective but find yourself turned around by the terminology in various city releases and news reports, never fear.

Here are some definitions of common terms paired with projects and examples you might recognize in the 608.

by BRIANNA DAVIS · Sep 15, 2023


The City of Madison is currently experiencing low vacancy rates and increased demand — both from University of Wisconsin students and non-students.

UW professor of urban planning Kurt Paulsen said vacancy rates in Madison have been below 2% as of January 2022, and described the housing market under these rates as giving landlords the “upper hand.”

Under these conditions, vice president of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association Cleo Le said it is especially important to understand the rights of tenants in the state of Wisconsin.

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Dean Mosiman | Wisconsin State Journal  Jul 20, 2023

“I am excited to see the resolution introduced to give more momentum to the fruition of the project,” said Elias Tsarovsky, president of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association. “We are grateful for Ald. Bennett’s leadership in making sure that there continues to be engagement from people living on State Street, local businesses and other community stakeholders.”

By Nicholas Garton             Mar 5, 2021

“The Hub II project was the lightning rod that spurred the creation of the Campus Area Neighborhood Association,” said CANA President Amol Goyal. “As we opposed it then, we continue to voice our opposition for it now. The massing, size and scale remain excessive and the changes from the previous proposal are at best, minimal. While I am truly grateful for the developers’ repeated/continued engagement with the Neighborhood Association, this is how the neighborhood feels about the project.”

By Francesca Pica  |   February 15, 2023 

Incumbent District 4 Ald. Michael Verveer and challenger Maxwell Laubenstein debated their policy proposals at a candidate forum hosted by University of Wisconsin-Madison student groups Thursday. The debate, organized by the Associated Students of Madison, BadgersVote and the Campus Area Neighborhood Association, centered around the candidates’ plans to assist UW-Madison students and address Madison’s affordable housing crisis.

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