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Website Updates 9/12/23

Hello! There are a few updates this round:

  1. The Resource Page now includes information on applying for Benefits and a plethora of Safety Resources as a new section on the bottom of the page.

  2. The Bylaws are now available to the public! I embedded the July 2023 PDF and included the link to its PDF in Google Drive.

  3. I updated the Our Team Page for our new Board! I am also aware that the historical section on the bottom is difficult to see when using your phone, so I will try to figure it out. So far, I made the section physically bigger and transitions longer; however, I will continue to work on it until the issue is solved.

I am hoping to add a few things before I transition out of CANA:

  1. A History of The Area Page, in consideration of the Greenbush History Project for the 800 Regent & Park Housing Project we have been involved in and the Sifting and Reckoning Exhibit that UW hosted this past year;

  2. County Districts 13 & 5 Pages to connect constituents with their representatives and bring awareness about the Dane County Board in general;

  3. Updating the Developments page, which has not been updated for a few months;

  4. And, a CANA in the News Page. We have been mentioned a lot in the news this past year so it makes sense to document some of it.

Let me know if there is anything else that I should put on the to-do list!


Cleo Y Le - your transitioning out Vice President

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